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by secretary6th Mar 2012

On 2 March 2012, the President of CSCCM Charles Zahra and Secretary Josef Agius met the directors of Bella Vista Hotel in Qawra, Mr Ray Formosa and Nichol Formosa, to present them with a trophy as a sign of appreciation for their support as official sponsors for the first “CSCCM Rally” held in 2011. During the meeting, the directors showed their interest to organize a “static show” opposite the hotel on 13 May 2012.  The committee welcomed the invitation and so the activity is official.


The directors also informed us that the 1912 T Ford car (Vehicle identification number is T123584) found at the entrance of the hotel is going to celebrate 100 years from its fabrication.  The car is found in its original condition.  Congratulations!!!

Bella Vista Htl Ford T 1912

Bella Vista Htl Ford T info