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by president19th Nov 2009

Collecting Cars

by Ray Abela

I’m a 55 year old with a passion for sports cars. Since I can remember, cars have been my addiction.

I, being the youngest of 3 brothers, the black sheep of the family and the accident boy, was probably my dad’s favourite. Every week, he used to take me, or should I say, I used to have him take me, to different shops in Sliema to choose a matchbox car, threatening him that I wouldn’t study like my older brothers if I did not get a new car. Bless him, he always bought me one, even though my history, religion etc. results were far below average.

This is how I have my addiction for buying cars. Old sports cars are my favourites. My son and I have a collection which we have been collecting for years. Funding these cars is not an easy job. We have not been on holiday for years, but we take good pleasure going for a drive, meeting our friends with mutual hobbies and showing our sports cars with the CSCCM which we find very comfortable, being among true friends. Our latest purchase is a recreation of the class AC Cobra 427.

AC Cobra 427

Unfortunately, we have to wait for a while till we even consider adding another sports car to our collection. But I’ll be back.